Healthy Living & Healthy Minds – Meet our Anti Stigma Champions



Mental Health and Well-Being is important everyday at Brockley Primary School. Our ambassadors are always looking at ways to support children and have introduced ‘Destress Bags’ for those days when you’re not quite feeling yourself.


Mrs Rodgers is a Mental Health First Aider – to find out more follow this link:

Click here to find out more about our role in school


Anti-Stigma Assembly  for Parents

Monday 8th January at 9am

Everyone warmly welcomed to hear the important messages delivered by our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors will be delivering sessions to each class during the spring term to improve awareness and well-being across school.

Anti-Stigma Health Champions

2017 – 2018

Training begins in November and they are busy developing their roles. Watch this space to find out more!

Anti Stigma campaign – Open this link to see their first presentation about the role.

The Brockley Way Logo‘Only my best is good enough’

Slice of Spring, Summer & Autumn Fun 2016 – 2017


Ensuring children and their families eat well during school holidays

Children and their families will receive a free, healthy, nutritious meal during the school holidays  as part of our school and community’s commitment to ensuring they continue to eat well during the school holidays.


We launched the School Holiday Provision scheme in July to offer children healthy, free food and activities during the summer holidays and it will be rolled out again during all school holidays.

Teachers repDCC imageort some Derbyshire children return to school after the six-week summer holiday underweight and undernourished which can affect long-term bone, muscle and general physical development as well as their mental and emotional health.

It can also affect early educational achievement, later exam success and potential long-term life opportunities.

The scheme links with existing clubs and play schemes to offer children social opportunities such as games, reading and other activities as well as a free, healthy meal.

School holidays equate to around 170 days per year when children can miss out on meals as well as missing out on social activities such as trips and days out.

Our Cabinet Member for Health and Communities Councillor Dave Allen said:

“The holiday provision scheme ensures that children have nutritious, healthy meals throughout the holidays.”There are lots of children across the county who are likely to eat significantly less during the school holidays than they would during term time when they have access to food in school at lunchtime or from one of our breakfast clubs.

“Research shows that children who regularly miss out on meals are at a significant educational disadvantage as they can lack concentration and find it more difficult to learn.

“In Derbyshire more than 9,000 children are eligible for free school meals and breakfast clubs and these children are particularly at risk which is why we’re taking action to support them.”

The holiday provision scheme has already run with great success during the summer holidays.

During the six week summer holiday 19 groups worked to ensure over 700 children had a fun, and food, filled holiday.

The school holiday provision scheme provided nearly 8.5 tonnes of food – that’s enough for 14,000 meals – and this included over 7,400 pieces of fruit, 9,677 yogurts and more than 1,700 loaves of bread.

The food was provided by East Midlands FareShare who work to distribute surplus food industry items to community and voluntary groups across the county.

Caroline Rodgers is head teacher at Brockley Primary School, one of the schools that took part in the holiday provision scheme.

She said:

“The quality and quantity of the food provided by FareShare was of an extremely high standard. “The choice of foods meant everyone’s needs were catered for and everyone attending the Slice of Summer club enjoyed a delicious and nutritious lunch on a daily basis.”

She added: “We are looking forward to the October half term when we will be opening school to the families within our community and thanks to FareShare offering lunch and snacks.”

The holiday provision scheme is part of our £528,550 ‘Feeding Derbyshire’ project.

Please open this link to find out more about the Holiday Hunger Evaluation Report compiled by Public Health Derbyshire – derbyshire-school-holiday-food-programme-evaluation-report-summer-2016

Image result for food partnership

Food for Life brings schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes, and their surrounding communities together around the core ethos of healthy, tasty and sustainable food. The programme is about more than just food on the plate; it considers where food comes from and how it’s grown, cooked and experienced. We provide practical advice and support, and reward and celebrate success.

Our Early Years Award provides an independent endorsement for nurseries and children’s centres that serve good quality, nutritious food and support the babies and children in their care to develop good eating habits for life.

Read more about Food for Life at

Important Information

Dear Parents,

You’ve all read the headlines and seen the news stories: food allergies are a growing concern in schools across the UK. Millions of children – children who are perfectly healthy and normal in every other way – must watch every single bite they eat, or risk suffering a severe or even life threatening reaction. In fact, food allergies claim an estimated 150 lives and are responsible for more than 125,000 hospital visits each year. A major health issue such as this must be taken very seriously, and it has always been the policy of this school to make the safety and well-being of our students our top priority.

At school we have children with food intolerances and allergies therefore we must put the following measures in place to reduce the risks to the children concerned.

  • Whole School – Birthday parties are a special time for children, but can be a difficult time for the food-allergic child. It would be especially helpful if you could let you child’s teacher know a few days ahead of when you’d like to celebrate your child’s birthday, so that the food-allergic child can provide his/her own safe treat. If you would like to send in baked goods or sweets, please be careful about the ingredients. Please list the ingredients on the outside of the package and when preparing “treats” please pay close attention to cross contamination in your kitchen. To prevent cross-contamination, it is necessary that cooking utensils and preparation surfaces be carefully washed after each food is touched.
  • Whole School -We will try to keep the food at holiday parties to a minimum. As with birthday parties, we must be extremely careful about the ingredients in all of the food items. School has put into place medical plans for the children affected in accordance with HSE &DfE guidelines.
  • Monkey Class – Please do not allow your child to bring in opened food or be eating food as they arrive at school, this may seem rather severe but it is necessary to ensure we do not put any child in danger. Fruit is permitted but all other foods must not be brought into school unless discussed and agreed with the classteacher.

This is a learning process for all of us, but we trust that you understand how deeply important it is to respect and adhere to these guidelines.  If throughout the course of the year you have any questions or concerns about food-allergy-related issues, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Rodgers.