Hippo – Year 1 Miss Duroe

Chicks at Brockley in Hippo Class January 2017

FOBS very kindly offered to make a donation to Hippo Class to cover the costs of the Happy Chick Company so that we could understand more about life cycles.

Here’s our blog of what happened.


chick 2 (2)chick 2 (1)


Spring 2


Next half term we will be learning about plants and what they need to grow. We will be thinking about which parts of a plant we eat and why we don’t eat all plants. This will link to our writing as we will be writing facts and making non-chronological reports. In maths we will continue our work on number lines and how they can help us solve addition and subtraction problems.

Here are some of the work we have done this term:

Making fruit kebabs

Collage portraits

Clay heads