Admission Arrangements A Place at Brockley 2021


Apply for primary, infant and junior school places

If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 they will be able to start school in September 2021. 

You should apply for their infant or primary school place by 15 January 2021.

Apply for a primary school place 

If your child was born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014 and is in their last year at infant school you should apply for their junior school place by 15 January 2021.

If your child attends a school outside of Derbyshire which operates a different pattern of education and they are due to transfer primary school phase in September 2021 this information will also apply to you. You should also make an application by 15 January 2021.

Apply for a junior school place 

The application process is quick and easy and you can also find information about how to choose a school and apply for a place in our parents guide to primary admissions.

You’ll get your offer on 16 April 2021 and if you’re unhappy with the decision you can make a school admissions appeal.

Admission Policy…

The admission criteria is as follows:

Priority will be given to:
Cared for children
Siblings of children who will still be attending the school on entry
Shortest distance from the school (based on a reasonable walking distance)

Changing school at other times…

You may want to apply for your child to change schools other than when they are due to start primary, junior or secondary education. This could be because of a change of address.You can do this online at any time of year and DCC have added guidance in the changing schools section to help you through the process.

If you live outside of Derbyshire you should apply through your home council even if you want to apply for a place at a Derbyshire school. You can find your home council through the Directgov website.

Please Remember…

You have a legal right to express a preference for which school you want your child to go to. This isn’t the same as being able to choose.

Where you have told us of a preference for a particular school and there are places we’ll try to offer you a place at that school.

However, there is no automatic right to a place at a particular school and it may not always be possible to offer a place at your preference.

You have the right to appeal where you’re unhappy with the offer made and this can be done online. See the information on the secondary appeals or primary and junior appeals web pages.

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