Healthy Living & Healthy Minds

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Emotional health and mental wellbeing affect all aspects of our lives and health choices.

Mental well-being is about feeling good and functioning well, as individuals and as communities. It is also about our ability to cope with life’s challenges and making the most of life’s opportunities.

The website has been designed collaboratively by professionals who work across Derby & Derbyshire to help plan and deliver care & support for people who are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, or just want to feel happier.

Please take the time to watch the video and listen to the important messages delivered by the children on Brockley!

This signposting service is aimed at professionals, members of the public and children and young people who wish to access local services or just require further information on the services that are available to them both locally and nationally.

The four elements of the website focus on Children and Young People, Adults, Suicide Prevention and Neurodiversity.

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