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Meet the new team for 2018 -2019

Freaky Friday

Friday 15th February

School Council developed a day of learning across school – from the discovery of the crash landing to the clues left by the aliens in each class.

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Freaky Friday

Friday 15th February

School Council have developed a day of learning across school. Watch this space to find out more!

Leaders have been busy choosing the School Council’s charity for 2018. They have led assemblies and a ballot so everyone has a voice.

They will be leading assemblies on Road Safety during October and Online Safety during November.


School Council Meeting April 2018 with Bolsover and Clowne Police Local Safer Neighbourhood Team


Members of the School Council met with  Bolsover and Clowne Police Local Safer Neighbourhood Team to discuss the traffic issues outside school. As a result of the meeting the members will be holding a special competition – watch this space for more details!

School Council Meeting

March 2018


We are writing with an update regarding our school road safety campaign. We have written to Dennis Skinner MP to ask for his help. In our letter we told Mr Skinner all about the road traffic problems we experience and how dangerous it is. We have asked for speed bumps, more signs and help with parking – we even included a self addressed envelope for his reply.

We will keep you informed of the reply we receive.

If you would like to support the Brockley Primary School Road Safety Campaign please contact Mr Skinner directly.

School Council Meeting Thursday 11th January 2018

1. Children are concerned about the parking outside school. They are worried that children could be harmed at pick up and drop off. This term they are planning a campaign to raise awareness within our community to ensure everyone is safe.

2. Corridor duty was an agenda item again. Children raised concerns about their roles and responsibilities – Children are busy reviewing who is on duty and when. They have also decided that monitors are not permitted to give or take dojos. Children not following the Brockley Way will be reported to staff.

3. Ideas for lunchtime clubs were discussed. Children to research what clubs children would like.


School Council held a meeting on 30.10.17 to discuss duties around school and the results of the pupil questionnaires. The council have decided the following changes:

7 children attended the meeting and 1 adult

  1. New rotas have been agreed for children across school, children didn’t feel the jobs were being properly done and children were not listening to those on duty

  2. Corridor monitors have only one duty per week

  3. All children when on duty must wear a high viz coat –  library & corridor monitors in particular

  4. Mrs Rodgers must order badges for the different roles

  5. School Council will now help run assemblies when they are in the hall – music, certificates and badges will be given by the children to help the teachers do their job

  6. Only Lion Class School Council can run Tuck Shop

  7. Children would like to choose a song to celebrate the life of a former pupil – Christina Perri, Thousand Years was voted for – Choir to learn the words and teach everyone else ready for November 17th – Children in Need Day

op christ

Samaritan’s Purse

Operation Christmas Child – School Council’s Charity for Christmas 2017

A small shoebox can have a big impact. What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal. Be a part of changing children’s lives all over the world through the power of a simple gift with Operation Christmas Child.  See the impact a simple shoebox gift packed and sent with love, has on a child and how it reaches into a community.

See this video and watch the impact!

Further information and ideas are below. School Council will be holding a special assembly soon



Meet the newly elected leaders of

Brockley Primary School Council


Well done to all the newly elected members of the School Council. You were all incredibly brave this morning; speaking in front of the whole school isn’t easy but you all did a great job. I’m looking forward to hearing all your ideas and making our school an even better place.



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  • The School Council takes part in lots of activities including:
  • Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils;
  • Representing these concerns to teachers, Mrs. Rodgers and other adults;
  • Coming up with ideas to help improve the school and make decisions;
  • Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally;
  • Fundraise for Brockley and charities;
  • Having the responsibility for a budget;
  • Representing Brockley at events

Being a school councillor is a very responsible position as you have to have a lot of sensible ideas and sometimes have to do things in your lunch times. However, it is your chance to play an important part in our Brockley community. You may feel a little nervous about putting yourself up for election but it is exciting to see what happens when people share their ideas so be brave!

If you think you would like to represent your class, the next step is the election process!

Elections – Monday 18th September 2017

People who would like to run for School Council will apply present their ideas to the whole school in a special assembly:
Why they would like to be a School Council member;
What issues they think are important;
How they will work to represent the ideas of the class.

To make it fair, there will be a vote by the children so that everyone can decide who will best represent them.

You may feel a little nervous about putting yourself up for election but it is exciting to see what happens when people share their ideas so be brave!

Best of luck with your campaigns: I am very excited to see what ideas you come up with to help improve our school.