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Communication between home and school is very important. At Brockley Primary School we do not always produce ‘Newsletters’ instead we send letters, leaflets, text messages, emails and update our school website almost daily.

Also, don’t forget everyday we operate a ‘Meet & Greet’ system daily which means  there’s always someone available to speak to from the team.

We are such a busy school and like to keep you informed as much as possible therefore remember to check your child’s bag regularly, update the office if you change your mobile number or email address and don’t forget to visit the website –  we don’t want your child to miss out!

November 2020 Latest Parent Publications

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Healthy and Warm 2020

Well for Winter combined FINAL v2

COVIDNovember 2020 copy1

BPS remote learning plan

remote learning polcy (1)

BPS remote overview

July 2020 Timetable for whole school and click here: plan for parents

July 2020 Government statement and display notice click here: staying-covid-19-secure-2020

July 2020 Brockley Primary SchoolRisk Assessment July 2020: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Schools Full Opening RA – 2020.07 V03 (4)PDF

Final letter for parents July 2020: As I was drinking my cup of tea an early morning surprise text arrived from my daughter Isobelle

Online Advice for Parents email2

Dates for Your Diary spring 2019

rich invite jpeg


I am writing to inform you that we are able to offer your child an exciting opportunity to participate in a nationally funded scheme designed to support the health and well-being of all groups of people.

Restart a Heart Day has been designed to train young people in CPR techniques in the event that they were ever to find themselves in a situation where someone has collapsed and their heart has stopped beating. We have enclosed some information from East Midlands Ambulance Service regarding the training day.

The training, which takes approximately half an hour, will take place on Tuesday 16th October . We hope that all pupils will see the benefits of being involved in this project, but if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact school.

Please be aware that during the day, there is the potential for photographs to be taken by the Ambulance Service, which they may use in briefing papers for the local media. .

Online Safety for Parents


September 2018 newsletter 2

Newsletter july 2018 Final Version

Dates for Your Diary Autumn 2018

A parents guide to Fortnite: Battle Royale – – May 2018

may newsletter 1 – May 2018 Newsletter

superhero pdf – Friday 11th May

royal wedding menu – Friday 18th May

royal wedding – Friday 18th May

Newsletter – Feb 2018 news

Feb 2018 news

 december 2018

nutnut letter to parents – click here to find out how you can help keep children safe.

communitylunch information – Please click here to find out more about Community Lunch invites.

november newsletter (2) pdfNovember newsletter (2) pdf – Click here for the November Newsletter

latest Ofsted Monitoring Visit November 2017 – Brockley Primary School Ofsted


posada – Letter and information for parents

parent question

questionnaire results website


Advice for parents regarding ROBLOX

October 2017 Newsletter

October newsletter JpegOctober newsletter jpeg pg2

October newsletter PDF

Sept Newsletter

Friends of Brockley Newsletter


Parent Voice Constitution

Parent Voice application

polar pdf – Information and invite to the Polar Expedition project

September 2017 – Newsletter – Sept Newsletter

Young Voices 2018 Song Lyrics – Young-Voices-2018-Lyrics-White

Fw__New_social_opportunities_from_Working_Together_for_Older_People_Project February 2017

SID Letter – Invite to the Safer Internet Day February 2017

January newsletter – Up to date newsletter January 2017

Headlice-leaflet-for-parents – Advice on how to treat headlice Jan 2017

head-lice-in-schools – Headlice advice Jan 2017

headlice_leaflet – Information Jan 2017

Fw__Message_from_CPM_Schools-_Updated_protocol_and_guidance_on__the_making_and_distribution_of_computer_generated_images_(sexting)_ – Jan 2017

parent-conduct-letter-jan-2017 – Head lice, how to spot them and how to treat them. December 2016 – How to spot chicken pox and what to do. December 2016   – For information about Threadworm and what to do. December 2016

health-and-safety-in-toddler-groups – Information for Stay and Play December 2016

procedure-for-a-dealing-with-an-accident – December 2016

procedure-for-a-dealing-with-a-bump-to-the-head-or-facial-area – December 2016

slapped-cheek – Information about slapped cheek

absence-letter – Update 01.12.16 regarding Mr Fletcher’s continuing absence

stay – This letter contains all the details about our new club ‘Stay and Play.’ It is held every Thursday afternoon during term-time from 1:30pm until 3:30pm

juice-in-school – Procedures and school policy for juice in school

absence-staff – Absence of Mr Fletcher

posada – The true meaning of Christmas

cannon-hall-farm-nursery-trip-2016 – Whole school visit Nursery Letter

giraffe-class-george-stevenson-3-11-16 – Year 2 Class Visit

elephant-class-blue-john-cavern-trip-21-11-16 – Year 3/4 Class Visit

english-institute-of-sport-trip-2016 – Lion Class Visit

cannon-hall-farm-whole-school-trip-2016 – Whole School Visit Information


early-years-pupil-premium-letter-jan-2016 – Are you entitled?

maths-calculations-letter – maths letter from Miss Bates

special-diet-parental-covering-letter-2014 – Does this affect your child?

uniform-2016-letter-to-parent – The Brockley Uniform

sre-year-6-letter – Relationship Advice for KS2













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