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Lion – Year 6 Miss Wheeldon, Miss Chapman & Mrs Marriott


Welcome to Lion Class 2023-24!

We are a year 6 class full of fabulous learners who try our best every day. Our class teacher is Miss Wheeldon, who is supported by Miss Chapman and Mrs Marriott as teaching assistants.


In maths, we follow the White Rose scheme and have a mixture of practical, active and written lessons.  At Brockley Primary School we know that the basic skills of mathematics are vital for the life opportunities of our children. In year 6 we encourage our children to think mathematically, enabling them to reason, solve problems and to confidentially use mathematical language.  We want our children to be able to recognise the importance of maths in everyday life, in science and technology, financial literacy and employment and to use their mathematical skills in a range of everyday contexts. We use a range of resources to aid our learning.

In English we have been diary writing based on the suspense film 'Francis'. 


We love reading in Lion class! Our class novel at the moment is The Final Year. We have loved reading Kensuke's Kingdom, Letters From the Lighthouse, Everest and The Arrival so far this year.


In Science we are learning about the circulatory system. Children have already begun learning about the functions of various parts of our body. Children are looking forward to dissecting their very own pig's heart at the end of the unit.



Our Geography topic tin Spring 1 was all about population. Children learned about what effects population and we went on a local walk to survey our local area. 

In history, Lion class are exploring about the Ancient Greeks. Children have been researching Greek Gods and are building up to having an Ancient Greek day where we will dress up, make Greek food, do some Greek dancing and take part in some ancient Greek olympics!

Our value in PSHE is Being Safe. Children will discuss, listen and share their thoughts with the class around this valuable topics.

In R.E children will explore the question what is it like to be a muslim in Briain today?


In P.E, we follow the Real PE scheme, putting children at the heart of the learning. Real PE is a unique, child centred approach that includes, challenges and support EVERY child. This term, children will focus on creativity and are enjoying creating their own rules for seated volleyball.




Children are learning pets in French and in music, children are exploring what stories music tells us about the past. Children will be learning about computer systems and networks in computing.


There is a lot of exciting learning coming up in Lion class and I will update as we go.