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‘The Brockley Way – Only My Best is Good Enough’


Giraffe – Years 2 & 3 Mrs Goodison & Miss Jarvis


‘Only my best is good enough’

Welcome to Giraffe Class!



Giraffe class is a mixed Year 2 and Year 3 class. We are very active learners and always try our best. Our Class teacher is Mrs Goodison ans our Teaching Assistant is Miss Jarvis, both are with us everyday.


In English we use Talk for Writing to help us to know what excellent compositions look like. We use actions and success criteria  to help us compose our own sentences and love to read our own work! We love poetry and have been learning to perform it.

In Maths we use practical apparatus and puzzles to make our learning fun and easier to understand. Each lesson starts with Fast Maths to help us know our number facts quickly. We do Active Maths every week and LOVED Maths Week in the Autumn Term – with extra maths everyday!

Our science topics in the Autumn term were Materials, Rocks and Soils. We enjoy lots of practical exploration so we can use the new terminology.

We come to school in our Outdoor Learning clothes on Wednesdays every week, which links to our learning in class. We have studied Geography, Art and Science in the Autumn Term.

Our PE day is Friday and we come to school in our PE kits. We use Real PE and this means that we understand what our next challenges are and this helps us to improve.

Each term we do History and Geography. In the Autumn Term we leant about the Stone Age and visited Cresswell Crags in History. In Geography we learnt about the Continents and Oceans.

Each term we do Art and Design Technology. In Autumn 1 our Art was linked to the Stone Age Topic. We also made Lanterns for the Bolsover Parade. In Design Technology we learnt sewing as way to attach materials together and how to use stitches to decorate so that we could design and make our own Christmas Stockings.

Year 3 also do French three times a week and have been learning to have short conversations.

We also learn about RE, PSHCE and Music… we will add more photos of these soon! (Especially the Year 3 trumpet and trombone lessons!!)


Dojo Rewards for Giraffe Class


As part of an update for the dojo reward system, the children can now redeem (spend) their dojos on treats.


This will start after half term. Giraffe class have selected the following treats (these will be in place until the children decide that they need changing - I will ask them each half term). The children have decided on the 'cost' of each treat based on how many dojos we typically get in a week and how 'precious' the prize is!! These costs may be different from other classes as it was the children's choice!


If your child choices a treat then you will be informed by text so you know that it is true!!




Ringing the bell at the end of playtime and lunchtime for a day

20 dojos

Bringing a book from home for class story time

30 dojos

Maths games at playtime

50 dojos

Game with Mrs Rodgers (maybe at playtime or during lesson depending on her availability)

80 dojos

Games in the hall at playtime e.g. parachute, balls, balance boards etc.

80 dojos

Extra Art

100 dojos

Bring a teddy to school

100 dojos

Extra playtime

120 dojos

Wearing pyjamas and slippers to school

150 dojos

Wearing dress up clothes

150 dojos