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At Brockley, we follow the White Rose Maths method of teaching. This involves the teaching of new methods and ideas, interactive practice, followed by 'Varied Fluency' questions in books to allow the children to practise what they have learned. The differentiated resources allow the children to start at a level of their choosing each lesson and move up if they need more challenge. There is also a series of problem solving and reasoning questions to allow children to deepen their understanding. Feedback is delivered through 'live marking' and verbal feedback during the lesson to help the children address any mistakes straight away.


Y4 Times Table Check

By the end of Year 4, children are expected to be confident with all of their times tables (up to 12 x 12.) To check this, all Y4 children take part in the Y4 Times Table Check in the summer term. This is administered online by the class teacher and consists of 24 random times tables questions. See the link below for more information:


Multiplication tables check: information for parents - GOV.UK (



TT Rockstars

Please encourage children to practise their times tables as often as possible using TT Rockstars - the app is available on tablets and phones, as well as online on PC or laptop.


TT Rockstars