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Monkey – Year 1 & 2 Class Mrs Hind and Mrs Andrews

Welcome to Monkey Class page!

We are a happy mixed class of Year 1 and Year 2. Mrs Hind is our class teacher and Mrs Andrews is our teaching assistant. We support each other every day to grow and learn!




Year 1 children are taught phonics every day. This helps children with their word reading by segmenting and blending sounds in words. We love reading in Monkey Class and we always encourage children to read at home as much as possible to help their progress!



Year 2 children are taught spellings every day. We learn spelling patterns and alternative sounds for phonemes learnt in Year 1. We also begin to learn about apostrophes and using suffixes to spell longer words!



We use Talk For Writing to learn stories by acting them out and following a story map. This helps children when it comes to writing as they can perform the text!



We love using practical resources to solve maths equations! We begin by solving maths using items and pictures, then move on to solve maths using numbers (the abstract).


Other subjects

Every week we become scientists and investigate, identify and observe animals, plants, habitats, materials and the weather! We also embrace our creativity and learn different skills in Art and Design &Technology.  We also become historians and geographers, where we learn about our country, other countries, significant people and our local area! We use PurpleMash for computing, where we learn about coding, algorithms and online safety. We use Charanga to learn a variety of music skills. In RE, we learn to respect other people by learning about Christianity and Islam. In PSHCE, we follow PSHCE Matters to cover important topics which will support us to grow, emotionally and socially.


Outdoor Learning

We love exploring the outdoors and have Outdoor Learning every week. We learn how to take care of our environment and work with others to complete tasks!


Class Dojo rewards for Monkey Class


As part of an update for the dojo reward system, the children can now redeem (spend) their dojo points as treats.


Monkey class have selected the following treats. These will be reviewed at the end of every half term through a class discussion. These costs may be different from other classes as we based it on how many points we typically get in a week and how 'precious' the prize is!


If your child chooses a treat then you will be informed by text so you can prepare if needed.


1. Ring the bell at the end of lunch time – 30 points

2. Choose Go Noodle dances for a whole week – 50 points

3. Bring a toy or game into school (no electronics) – 80 points

4. Bring a book into school for story time – 80 points

5. Sit on a cushion for a whole week – 100 points

6. Come to school in your pyjamas – 120 points

7. Come to school in fancy dress clothes – 120 points

8. Bring a special snack into school for snack time – 150 points

9. Extra play time – 200 points

10.Games in the hall at play time – 250 points