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This half term the children will be studying 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes in both English and Guided Reading. From this book study, the children are expected to write a diary entry after encountering a something mysterious (similar to Hogarth in the novel) as well as creating a set of instruction on how to put together a robot (or something in the realm of science fiction of their choice). Along side the book, the children will be watching parts of the animated adaptation 'The Iron Giant', to further explore the themes, emotions and visuals to enhance their own writing and story telling. 


Spellings, punctuation and grammar are embedded throughout the teaching and learning, focusing on specific aspects that will be included in their final big writes. 


The children will learn the features of each text type, be able to explain the function of the features and then begin to plan, assess and complete a final piece of writing, inspired by The Iron Man.