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School Resource Management


Effective schools make the best use of their resources, ensuring that every pound is used to have maximum impact for their pupils and the school.  This can be achieved by:


  • looking at financial planning on delivering educational outcomes
  • having a strategic approach towards financial planning for the longer term
  • deploying staff effectively and efficiently, linked to the school's long-term plan
  • having robust challenge from Governors
  • having skilled staff responsible for managing finances
  • have transparent financial systems and processes to encourage constructive challenge both within and between schools


School has a financial responsibility to publish the number of school employees who have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000.  Brockley Primary school does not currently have any employees who meet this criteria.





Schools must publish information about the Schools Financial Benchmarking Service, this tool gives an insight into school income and expenditure in key areas defined by the Government and is a useful tool in comparing the school budget with similar schools.


Please use the following link to access the current Brockley Primary School's Benchmarking data:


Brockley Primary School - Schools Financial Benchmarking GOV.UK



Private School Fund Accounts


School and Nursery fund accounts are reconciled annually.  Copies of the audit certificate can be requested by contacting the school office on 01246 823344 or emailing  



Financial Policies and Procedures


Financial and Audit recommended policies can be found on the school website. Please click here to visit the School Policy Section.