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Let’s Talk PANTS!



We want to help you, as parents and carers, talk to your children about staying safe from sexual abuse. That’s why we’re asking you to talk PANTS – it’s an easy way to have that very important conversation.


Simple conversations – like crossing the road safely, bullying and dealing with strangers – are subjects that you and your child might talk about. Rightly so. But what about staying safe from sexual abuse? It’s a conversation no parent wants to have but thankfully, with the help of our friendly dinosaur Pantosaurus, it doesn’t have to be scary.


By talking PANTS you have a simple way to help keep your child safe from sexual abuse – without ever using scary words or even mentioning sex.


With hundreds of thousands of parents having already talked PANTS with their child, we know these simple conversations really can help keep them safe. And that’s what – the links below we will help you do.

If you would like a copy of these leaflets printing please pop into the office where they are available.