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Sports Crew

Autumn 2022


We will soon be looking for representatives from Year 3 - Year 6 to become part of the School Games Organising Crew (SSOC).

SSOC roles will be to support a timetable of activities on offer to make our breaks and lunchtimes more active, creative and inclusive. The SSOC also plan and support the delivery of our annual Sports Day where every child has an opportunity to participate.


Three of the main roles in the SSOC are:

  • Sport Leaders - to run sport specific physical activities for KS2 children during lunchtime
  • Games Leaders - to run physical activity based games for R/KS1 children during lunchtime
  • Brockley Buddies - to help and support so that Brockley children are never without a friend at lunchtime


Sports Crew – SSOC at Brockley

Due to COVID19 our Sports Calendar has been cut short physically. However that didn’t stop our children!

Thank you to all our Brockley children and families for helping us to achieve this virtual award in recognition of PE, school sport and physical activity.



October 2018

A fantastic achievement – Primary School Team of the Year Winners!



Congratulations to our basketball team – Champions of the Bolsover District Sports Competition


Scooter Club

Children are encouraged to bring their scooters to school every Friday. Mrs Leivers and the lunchtime time staff  run a club where children have a great time enjoying the carefully laid out track.

Look at the junior and infant children having a great time! Helmets must be worn at all times.


We are very proud to announce we have gained the Gold School Games award. Thanks for all the engagement, participation, leadership and much more from your children.

It is National School Sports Week and we are holding our School Games Day on Friday 23rd June 2017. Through student voice, the SSOC have organised a Sports Day which includes races the children wanted included such as the traditional track races with the addition of fun races (water, Dress up) they have also included a water race for staff.

Our School Games Day will demonstrate all of the Spirit of the Games values which have been taken from the Olympic Values. These values are:

The SSOC would like to know what the children and parents of Brockley Primary School think about PE and Sport in school and we would also like to know how many children do sports clubs/lessons outside of school.

We have created an online survey  for children and parents to complete together. All data captured is anonymous (please do not put any names in the comments section).

Please take a few minutes to take part in our survey.


Brockley SSOC

We are pleased to inform you that the Daily Mile has now fully replaced the Golden Mile.

The expectation is that all children, from Reception to Year 6, walk, jog or run the Daily Mile course each day. All staff and pupils have walked the new course  to familiarize themselves with the route, each class has a map of the course and there are maps on display around school for everyone to see (including parents/careers). The course follows the perimeter of both KS1 and KS2 yards and 9 laps = 1 mile.


We are pleased to announce that Brockley Primary School has been awarded the Gold Award in the School Games Mark.

The SSOC members have selected the following games for our Intra-School competitions:

Autumn Term – Boxing, Handball, Dance and Goalball

Spring Term – Volleyball, Canoeing, Sailing and Table Tennis

Summer Term – Rounders, Cricket, Athletics and Softball

(weather permitting and subject to change)