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ASD/ADHD Research Opportunity for Parents and Children

We have received this request from research fellows at Nottingham Trent University within the School of Science and Technology. Dr Simon Cooper, Dr Emma Sweeney, Dr Karah Dring are currently conducting an exciting research study investigating whether exercise can improve sleep, cognitive function, and metabolic health in children with ADHD/Autism (ASD).

They are looking for children aged 8-11 years with ADHD and/ or ASD to take part, and as such wondered if your school would be interested in taking part.

We are really interested in how physical activity can improve the lives of young people with ADHD and ASD; and hope that Brockley Primary School will be able to help with this exciting project.

The study involves recording of the children’s sleep via a wrist worn monitor (similar to a watch), completion of an exercise circuit (comprising of a number of fun, cognitively-engaging activities), completion of cognitive function tests on a laptop, and a few small fingertip blood samples (dependant on the children’s preferences). They would travel to our school to complete the testing, and as part of the study the children would receive breakfast. They have attached a document that is aimed at parents/guardians and gives further information on the study.

They hope that this would be a very enjoyable experience for the children, and in return they would like to offer a visit to the Nottingham Trent University campus, where we will be happy to show the children around our sport science laboratories and answer any science questions that they have.

Once data collection has been completed, they would also welcome the opportunity to present the results to our staff members and parents of the children, they are hoping that the results from this study will be helpful in the possible incorporation of physical activity into the children’s daily life to reap a variety of benefits.

If your child is aged 8+ with a diagnosis of ADHD and/or ASD then please contact Mrs Rodgers directly.