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Household Vouchers

Grocery voucher - January 2023

Eligible households will automatically receive a one-off food voucher worth £40 per eligible child / young person.

The vouchers are available for:

children who receive benefit related free school meals

children in an early years setting (nurseries and pre-schools) who receive free childcare for 2 year-olds or the early years pupil premium for 3 and 4-year-olds

care leavers aged up to 21 years of age living independently

No application is needed - vouchers will be sent by email or text message. . Vouchers will be sent to parents / carers from 10 January and it may take up to 2 weeks to distribute all vouchers.

Vouchers will be sent in alphabetical order by the name of the child, so parents / carers with more than one child should expect to receive vouchers separately, possibly with a number of days in-between.

Once all vouchers have been sent we will update this webpage and provide details of what parents / carers should do if they haven’t received a voucher and believe they are eligible.