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Information from the Derbyshire Health Protection Team regarding Whooping Cough

Information received from the Derbyshire Health Protection Team with regards to Whooping Cough.


We are writing to give an update on the current situation around Whooping Cough and share a few key messages:

  • We have seen increases in cases of Whooping Cough across the country, including 5 UK baby deaths. We have also seen positive laboratory confirmed cases in a small number of Derbyshire residents.
  • We want to promote the vaccine message, especially to pregnant women. The vaccine is safe to be given in pregnancy. Whilst some women may feel that they would wish to wait until their baby is born, by having the vaccine in pregnancy (between 16 and 32 weeks), the baby will be born with protection against the disease.
  • Vaccines for infants and children do include Whooping Cough, but cannot be given until a baby is 8 weeks old, leaving them vulnerable.


Knowing the signs and symptoms of whooping cough

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Vaccination of pregnant women for every pregnancy

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If anyone has whooping cough they should stay at home and not go to work school or nursery until 48 hours after starting antibiotics or 3 weeks after symptoms start if not having antibiotics.


Information for individuals diagnosed with whooping cough - GOV.UK (


If there is anything specific we can help with to support this in Derbyshire please do let us know