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National Read A -Loud Challenge

Keep your child entertained
and learning over summer

With a long summer holiday, it’s easy for children to lose many of the skills they use every day at school. This is particularly true for reading, and it means those first weeks back in the class are often spent simply getting back to where they were.


The Fonetti app, together with the National Read-Aloud Challenge, is designed to maintain and improve reading skills. This gives your child the opportunity to gain confidence and have fun during the summer break.

  • Free for children over the 3 months of summer.
  • Safe and easy for your child to use without supervision.
  • Helps maintain and improve reading skills.
  • Encourages a love for reading, fires up their imagination and improves their reading age.


With the addition of the National Read-Aloud Challenge, children can take part in a school-to-school competition with certificates of achievement, prizes, gift cards and a trip to the Amazon HQ.


What is the National Read‑Aloud Challenge?


The UK National Read-Aloud Challenge is a fantastic way to cultivate a love of reading from an early age. This initiative involves using the Award Winning Fonetti app, which offers a range of engaging stories and factual books. By participating in this challenge, your child will build confidence in reading, develop speech and comprehension skills, and enhance vocabulary - all while having fun with the app over summer.


How the Challenge helps children

  • Keeps skills sharp – improve children’s reading over the break without the usual ‘summer slump’.
  • Saves time when they’re back to school with less need for  ‘reteaching’.
  • Encourages a love for reading and improves reading confidence.
  • Positive screen time – the independent platform allows kids to read and use the app without adult supervision.

Children of all reading abilities between the ages of 5-15 can take part


Follow the link to register your child.


National Read Aloud Challenge