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World Book Day 2023



World Book Day tomorrow. Remember character dressing up is optional otherwise it's full school uniform.



Thursday 2nd March

The theme for World Book Day 2023 is “You are a reader!”

We should very much like to have everyone involved, as we are all readers!

So, this year we are giving the children (and you) a choice of what suits you and your child best:

1. Be able to talk about books they enjoy reading and books that they love to hear being read to them. This can be stories, rhymes, non-fiction, diaries, factual book, comics…whatever they like!

This does NOT requiring bringing anything to school! Yay! No pressure on you to remember anything on the day – just talk to your child anytime between now and 2nd March!

2. Bring their current favourite book to school as a prompt to talk about and share. We will not have time to read all the books brought in on the day, but will do our best to read sections and keep some in school to share. If they know which book they want to bring, then it can go in their book bag today so it’s ready!!

3. Dressing-up…this is the tricky one! If your child wishes to dress-up then they MUST have the book that goes with their character and have read it. I appreciate that this makes it harder, but we ask for your support to make sure that the day is fun for everyone.


23 easy, alternative World Book Day activity ideas (


World Book Day - World Book Day | World Book Day is a registered charity. Our mission is to give every child and young person a book of their own.